Mining: We operate two (2) mines (dirt pits), one in Ravenel and one on John’s Island, SC. We sell and mine fill dirt (soil), screened topsoil and receive (dispose) unsuitable (muck) material (soil). Both are SCDHEC permitted facilities.

Trucking: Our trucks, both tri-axle and tractor-trailer, along with lease drivers haul various aggregates and fill dirt (soil). We also have steel trailers for demolition/clearing debris hauling.

Civil/Sitework: All site infrastructure including grading, drainage, selective clearing and grassing (hydro seeding). Subcontractors perform concrete, asphalt, fencing and other specialty trades under W. Frazier construction contract.

Demolition: Select demolition projects. Most demolition projects performed for Federal/State/Local Governments.

Aggregate Yard: WFC owns and operates an aggregate sales yard offering approx. 10 different aggregates (slag, granite & limestone), RAP (recycled asphalt), broken concrete and screened topsoil for
sale. Certified scales are located at this facility. The aggregate yard is located adjacent to our offices/shop.

Moberry Land Clearing Debris/Wood Chipping Facility: We operate this SCDHEC permitted facility to receive all types of land clearing debris. All materials are recycled and used for boiler fuel, mulch, compost & topsoil. This facility is located across the street from our offices/shop.